Exhibit at the ECSEL Exhibition From September

20th to September 24th, 2023

The E-Commerce and Online Services Exhibition is a real opportunity for economic players!

Exhibit at the ECSEL Exhibition From September

20th to September 24th, 2023

The E-Commerce and Online Services Exhibition is a real opportunity for economic players!

Why Exhibit at the ECSEL Exhibition?

Increased Visibility : By exhibiting at ECSEL, your company gains exceptional visibility among a targeted and qualified audience. It's a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services to a large number of e-commerce and digital professionals.


Networking Opportunities : The exhibition brings together key industry players, experts, service providers, and entrepreneurs. It's an invaluable opportunity to establish connections, forge strategic partnerships, and expand your professional network.

Qualified Lead Generation : The exhibition allows you to directly meet potential clients interested in your products or services. You can collect qualified leads and establish valuable business contacts for your company.


Exploration of New Trends : By participating in the exhibition, you can discover the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in the field of e-commerce and online services. It's an opportunity to stay at the forefront of the industry and anticipate market developments.


Brand Strengthening : The exhibition provides an ideal platform to strengthen your brand's reputation. By exhibiting, you demonstrate your commitment to the industry and establish your company as a serious and reliable player in the e-commerce field.


Enriching Conferences and Workshops : As an exhibitor, you have access to conferences, workshops, and training sessions led by renowned experts. It's a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge, acquire new skills, and exchange ideas with industry leaders.


Targeted Promotion and Marketing : The exhibition is a powerful platform to promote your special offers, launch new products or services, and communicate directly with your target audience. You can use this event for targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Competitive Assessment : The exhibition allows you to closely monitor your competitors' activities, analyze their offerings, marketing strategies, and innovations. This gives you a competitive advantage by better understanding the market and adjusting your positioning accordingly.


High Return on Investment : By exhibiting at the exhibition, you benefit from a high return on investment in terms of business contacts, potential sales, and business opportunities. It's an effective way to maximize your prospecting efforts.


Creating Lasting Memories : Participating in the exhibition allows you to create lasting memories for your company. The meetings, exchanges, discussions, and collaboration opportunities leave a positive impression on your visitors and strengthen the bonds with your current customers.

Who Can Exhibit at the ECSEL Exhibition?

The E-Commerce and Online Services Exhibition is the first and biggest exhibition dedicated to e-commerce and online services. Take advantage of this exceptional event to give your business a new dimension to a broad audience for whom finding a reliable partner for the digitalization of business processes or the delivery of orders is a real challenge.

E-commerce companies of all sizes

Any company related to e-commerce and online services

Online sales platforms

Startups and entrepreneurs

Digital industry players

Online marketing professionals

Logistics service providers

Online customer service professionals

Academic and research institutions

Packaging companies (specific to e-commerce)

Insurance, banks, and monetary services

Importers and suppliers of e-commerce products